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Florida Panhandle Patriots

Good Government Begins at Home


Mission Statement:
Our Founding Fathers created a new government and crafted a Constitution that protected the rights of its citizens.  As citizens, it is our responsibility to work to recover the rights taken from us by power hungry politicians that are promoting more  government control, an entitlement society, higher taxes, and constraints on free enterprise that  adversely affect our daily lives.  We will respond to that challenge by reaching out to citizens who are passionate about our great country and interested in working to restore the United States to the country envisioned by our Founding Fathers. “We the People”  will work to effect change by educating our fellow citizens and supporting  proposed legislation in accordance with and not overstepping the bounds of the U.S. & Florida Constitutions.

MEETINGS the first Thursday each month, except December. 6:30 PM. $1 Donation