Dumb Down Education = Destruction of America

While the debt debate rages on....
Many Americans do not understand what this actually means. Due to their poor education, they do not understand economics.

The Heritage Foundation analyzes Race to the Top...
is really Race to Tyranny.
In the early 1990's, Marc Tucker wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton describing his concept for American education. He determined that children should be trained at an early age since working for the state was the most import function of a citizen. Today, Marc has succeeded in implementing his plan. If you have the stomach to listen to what the Federal Government has in store for our children. 
 Listen    http://www.heritage.org/Events/2011/07/National-Standards

The RTTT courses are substandard

Courses do not meet college level requirements. Marc feels most children have no need for college.
History courses are written by European socialists teaches America is the oppressor.
Study focuses on the environment not reading writing and math...
Content is not factual. Facts are not important if the consensus says they are not.
TX Commissioner Scott describes science as laughable only promoting Al Gore theory of climategate.
History has been altered as new heroes are the old failed communists/fascists/socialists.
One size shoe fits all education NEVER works so why are we spending fortunes on failed programs expecting different results?
The National Data Base will create a system of unparalleled control over the future of your children as they become adults and will be charted and recorded for the New World Order.
States with higher standards are forced to provide lower standards
Test like the FCAT are used to indoctrinateRace to the Top violates Education Code...
Federal Education Code, Department of Education, Public Law, 20 U.S.C. 3403 (Pub. L 96-88, Title 1, 103, Oct 1979, 93 Stat 670) United States Code. Title 20 Education Chapter 48.
Since the "useful idiots", your new name, are so dumb you won't notice as the Federal Government takes over education and transforms (changes) America into a communist country by indoctrinating (training) your child to "Fight for Communism".

Remember the debt...
The Department of Education has the smallest staff but has the third largest budget. CALL your Congressman. Demand an Investigation. CLOSE THIS DEPARTMENT.
Save $50 Billion.
Every year Americans pay more money for education while our students get dumber. Are they right? Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results IS THE DEFINITION OF AN IDIOT.

The Federal Department of Education only provides 5% of the states Education budget. Where does this $50 Billion dollars go???

Follow the money ...
Can you still do math? The staff is approximately 4500 people. The budget is $50 Billion...

What about the vendors...
It seems as though the Gates Foundation and the companies supported by the Gates Foundation
are the winners. The Gates recipients will handle the technology, books, materials, programs, databases,
evaluation and procedures.

Isn't that sweet.

They write the program
They evaluate the same program
They write the tests
They manage the national data base
They give the same program the stamp of approval
Bill Gates then goes to Congress and says American are too stupid to work, we need more H1B visas.What a scam brought to you by the same man who thinks that CO2 is a toxic gas. Bill needs to stop breathing. His breathing is killing us all.

FLDOE supports Race to Tyranny.
The FLDOE does not monitor, review or look at the content of any material they put in the schools for proprietary programs like IB or AICE. Surprise, your child gets a substandard Anti- American Education. written by European socialists. How much is that budget?

Call the FLDOE for yourself, (850) 245-9965
speak to the curriculum department. Ask to speak to the person in charge of reviewing the curriculum. See if you get the same answer I got when I questioned the anti-American, anti-Family, anti-Free Market European socialist program called IB and AICE, "Submitted materials are reviewed by content experts and are recommended for inclusion on the state adopted list of instructional materials, or rejected. AICE and IB instructional materials are proprietary and are not required to go through the state adoption process."

Would you buy a car without a test drive? a House without an inspection? WHY are we using a program from the UN without reviewing it first? Why was Race to the Top accepted without a review. Oh I remember, "we have to pass it before we can see what is in it." We have become useful idiots!

Contact your state and federal legislator and School Board, JUST SAY NO.
It is that simple...
read about Race to the TOP. (Race to Tyranny) http://restoreoklahomapubliceducation.blogspot.com/

New World Order Global Learning Academy
coming to Pensacola
Read their curriculum, they are not interested in teaching about American values and greatness. There is nothing wrong with learning about other cultures but do you have a problem with the fact your tax dollars will pay for this indoctrination? Need more information
Contact Geoff Ross pasta_seafood_lovers@hotmail.com

Taxpayers pay for Radical Islamic Schools
Where is the FLDOE oversight? Oh I forgot, it is proprietary so no one has to look. Read More http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/03/islamist_guelen_movement_runs.html

Call Governor Scott... 850-488-7146
Or the Governor of your state. Tell the Governor to get rid of the incompetent Department of Education who is not doing their job. We could hire anyone and pay them $10 an hour to rubber stamp Race to the Top, save money and get the same results - Dumb anti- American children.

Defund the unconstitutional, over regulating, job killing, power hungry government agencies, EO's and the UN.

Who exactly does the government work for?

Karen Schoen
A Former Educator, no longer a Useful Idiot.


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